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IT and Computer Courses, Stream, & Career Options – A Complete Guidance

Computer Science and its applications are fast becoming one of the most sought after courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level in India. If you have studied computer science, you will have gained many technical and non-technical skills which are highly valued by employers, from leadership to programming. Computer technologies are integral to modern life, so you’re likely to find your computer science skills in high demand across many different industries.

Career Opportunities in IT & Computer

Computer science job opportunities vary depending on the degree each graduate obtains. Students with an associate degree often pursue roles as computer support specialists or web developers. A bachelor’s degree opens the door to many more computer science career possibilities, including software development, database administration, and computer programming. Employers typically expect computer and information research scientists to hold a master’s degree at a minimum.

Website designing, development

Website designing is another great area to venture into. It is one of the trendiest things around and if done with proper dedication can make you quite successful in terms of career and money both.

Career opportunities

Website developers can earn great scopes in their careers. Furthermore, they are not just limited to working for a company or just like working for limited clients. They can always expand their work and freelancing a great platform for them.

Highlights of Computer Application/ Programming

A BTech or BCA/MCA can become an IT engineer. And a person requires +2 with mathematics to pursue BTech or BCA. BCA course is very important and vital to the way your career can go. After the 12th grade, this BCA will allow you to learn all the skills of computer applications, website building, and much more.

Career opportunities/Scope 

• Software Developers: Software developers are professionals who are concerned with facets of the software development process which involves activities such as design and coding, computer programming, project management, etc.

• Hardware Engineers: These professionals do research, design, develop, test, and oversee the installation of computer hardware which inter alia includes computer chips, circuit boards, systems, modems, keyboards, and printers.

• System Designer: Professionals involved in system designing, Logical & Physical Designing wherein logical designing can be enumerated as the structure & characteristics such as output, input, files, database & procedures, etc.

• System Analyst: Computer engineers who work as systems analyst do research about the existing problems and plan solutions for the problem. They also recommend software and system related problems and coordinate development between business development teams.

• Networking Engineers: Networking engineers are computer professionals involved in designing, implementation, and troubleshooting of computer networks.

• DBA: DBA or Database Administrator are the professionals who are bestowed with the job to design, implement, maintain, and repair an organization's database. Inter alia DBA professionals are also known as Database Coordinator or Database Programmer in IT sector.

The career profile for BTech or BCA/MCA students is very impressive and they can go over to any company and work in the profiles of computer application handler, programmer, website builder, supporter and much more. They are in quite a demand these days.

Top Companies for Job perspective

• Google
• Yahoo
• Hewlett-Packard
• International Business Machines Corporation
• Toshiba Corporation
• Dell Inc
• NEC Corporation
• Canon Inc
• Apple Inc
• ASUSTEK Computer Inc
• Acer Inc
• Lenovo Group Limited
• Sun Microsystem
• Infosys
• Wipro
• TechmahindraShow More