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Commerce, Banking & Finance Courses, Stream & Career Options A Complete Guidance

If you have to choose the commerce stream, then before that you should know a few things, which subjects you will be taught in it. It is very important to know what subjects we will get in commerce.


This is the most prominent subject of the Faculty of Commerce. Within this subject, you are taught accounts such as business, money deposits and withdrawals in the bank, it is taught about accounts. In this subject, scientific and ancient methods are studied about accounting. You study the type of business, its accounts, abstracts, papers, legal work, etc. in depth.


Management Business Studies in this subject, you are taught about business, how to do business, what is needed in it. As the name suggests, things related to the business are taught under this topic. Apart from this, Mathematics, English, Information Practices are taught in this stream.


Statistics are the subject of statistics. Under which the information created about raw data, scientific study of data, etc. are taught. You must know how important it is to speak English because even if you do your own business, you will have to speak English only then you will be able to deal with any English-speaking clients.


Capital is studied in this subject. You understand the business deeply and know how the law of demand works. Within this subject, you will get to know more about India's Economics i.e., Goods and Service Cells. You know economic is related to economics. It will be told how the economics will run and improve in the future because everyone knows the economics of the present day, which is why you will be told in this how to do well in the future.


Mathematics is also taught in commerce. If you want to become a CA, then it is necessary to study mathematics in commerce. This topic is calculated. It is important to understand and understand the statistics. How to do calculus is found in this subject. Business is conducted in the subject of commerce.

CA - Chartered Accountant has been considered the largest post in the subject of commerce. Apart from this, you can also do a course for the company secretary later. And can give their service in big companies. You can also go to the banking and finance sector with the subject of commerce. You can also work as an accountant, cashier, and government jobs.

Diploma & Certification banking courses after 12th

Banking and Financial Services

Banking Management

Retail Banking

PGDM in Banking Operations

PGDM in Banking

Bachelor’s Level Degrees for Banking


BBA in Global Business

BBA Human Resource Management

B.Com International Accounting

Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance

Bachelor’s in Finance and Accounting

BFM (Bachelor in Financial Mathematics)

Bachelor’s in Statistics and Business

Bachelor’s in Analytical Finance

Master’s Level Degree for Banking

MFM (Masters in Financial Mathematics)

Master’s in Banking and Finance

MEMF (Masters in Monetary and Financial Economics)

MFA (Masters in Finance/ Accounting)


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