n 1968, with only five students, the institution, A.K Ghosh Memorial school was founded by Dr. Mrs. Kamala Ghosh.Previously it was named Auntie Edith's School.Mrs. Kamala Ghosh was a doctorate from Shefieklds, U.K while she wasabroad, a little child lovi Auntie Edith. So, when she returned to Kolkatashe dreamt of starting a school at her residence in Jodhpur Park.She named the school Auntie Edith's School in momory of that little girl.With the increase of students, there was a need for a bigger building. A piece of land was then purchased in Lake Gardens. One of the oldest teachers (a philosopher, friend and guide of Mrs. Ghosh) Mrs. Minati Guha rendered her since help to construct the building and to start the school. Unfortunately Mrs. Guha passed away in 1980.Mrs. Ghosh was against discrimination between a boy and a girl in the field of education. So she made this school a co-educational one. Here the boys and girls are enjoy the same privileges. This dream institution could not have materialised without the inspiration and guidance from her husband Mr. Ajit Kumar Ghosh.As an officer of Bengal Lamp, he took deep interest in running the school and improving it in every possible way.His sudden death completely shattered Mrs. Ghosh. She renamed the school after him in 1979 as A.K Ghosh Memorial School.Mrs. Kamala Ghosh breathed her last in 1984.
Address 164/A/6, PRINCE ANWAR SHAH ROAD, KOLKATA-700 045
Affiliated to CBSE
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For Boys + Girls (Co-ed)
Class Upto 5
Type Private
Fee 1400-2000
Admission Fee 13000
Session March

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