This isn’t just any other university. It’s an ultra-modern university with values rooted deep down in the 5000 year old culture which has always led the way forward to humans around the world. Situated in the historic land of Nashik, Sandip University is extremely progressive in thought, culture, mission, vision and delivery of world-class education to the next generation of students. Sandip University is poised to help you give the very best of both worlds i.e. a culture which is 5000 years old and an education which is decades ahead of its time.

Sandip University is an autonomous educational university guided and governed by the policy, rules and regulations of Maharashtra state and under the regulations of the University Grants Commission. This is the first Self-financed private university in North Maharashtra. Sandip University belongs to Sandip Group of Institutions which owns the very well-known Sandip Foundation in Nashik. Sandip University is a massive educational institute in Nashik aimed at providing quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the students.

Success comes to those, who work hard. And stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past. And Sandip Group of Institutions have been a standing example for reaching success and sustaining it. We have been instrumental in shaping successful futures of many citizens of the country and continue doing so. In the process of this journey, we have set standards, initiated trends and achieved new milestones, successfully.

Sandip University stands for integrity, excellence and holistic development. These are three core pillars which will help you in managing all hurdles in life. There’s much more to us than a student-professor relationship. If you can imagine something for yourself then we can make it happen for you.


To become one of the most preferred learning institute place to nurture future global leaders congenial to society.


We at Sandip University envisage the sustainable growth of stakeholders following the University Missions (UMs) as below:

  • Provide learner-centered education through cutting-edge technologies facilitated Engagement with “cultural others” within global society.
  • Emerge as a global leader in education, human development and bloom as a center of excellence in teaching, research and entrepreneurship.
  • Involve societal oriented and purposeful research with concern for sustainable development.
  • Move beyond curriculum and create opportunities for student engagement with “cultural others” with global society.
  • Empower students to converge into capable leaders & responsible citizens bearing high ethical value.
Address Neelam Vidya Vihar, Village Sijoul, P.O. Mailam, Madhubani, Bihar, India.
Affiliated to NAAC
Approved By UGC, AICTE, BCI, PCI
Exam Accepted JEE Mains & Advance ; CAT ; XAT ; MAT ; CMAT ; GMAT ; CLAT
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For Boys + Girls (Co-ed)
Type Private
Hostel Yes


Course Intake Duration Fee
1) BBA Human Resource Management 3 Year
2) BBA LLB ( Integrated BBA LLB ) 5 Year
3) B.Pharma (Bachelor in Pharmacy) 4 Year
4) B.Sc Forensic Science 3 Year
5) B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (ME) 4 Years
6) B.Sc Agriculture 4 Year0.00
7) B.A LLB ( Integrated B.A LLB) 5 Year
8) B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 4 Years0.00
9) B.Sc Interior Designing 3 Year
10) B.Tech Civil Engineering 4 Years0.00
11) BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) 3 Years0.00
12) B.Tech Cyber Security 4 Year
13) B.Tech Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology 4 Years
14) Bachelor in Fashion Tech (B.T.Tech) 4 Years
15) Bachelor in Design (B.Des) 4 Year
16) B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4 Year
17) B.Tech Aerospace Engineering 4 Year
18) B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering 4 Year
19) BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 3 Years0.00
20) BBA Financial Management 3 Year
21) LLB (Bachelor of Law) 3 Years
22) BBA International Business 3 Year
23) BBA Marketing Management 3 Year
24) BBA Aviation 3 Year
25) B.Sc Microbiology 3 Year
26) BBA Business Analytics 3 Year
27) B.Sc Clinical Research 3 Year
28) B.Des Fashion Design 3 Year
29) BBA Entrepreneurship 3 Year
30) B.Com Accounting 3 Year
31) B.Sc Computing Science 3 Years
32) B.Sc Fashion Designing 3 Years
33) B.VoC Fashion Technology 3 Years
34) B.Des Interior Design 3 Year
35) B.VoC Accounting & Taxation 3 Years
36) B.VoC Retail Management 3 Years
37) B.VoC Banking and Financial Services 3 Years
38) B.Voc Solar Energy 3 Years
39) B.VoC Web Designing 3 Years
40) B.VoC Software Development 3 Years
41) B.VoC Financial and Marketing Services 3 Years
42) MBA Banking, Financial Service and Insurance 2 Years
43) M.Sc Clinical Research 2 Years
44) M.Tech Aerospace Engineering 2 Years
45) M.Sc Pharmaceutical 2 Years
46) MCA (Master in Computer Application) 2 Years
47) M.Tech Structural Engineering 2 Years
48) M.Des (Master in Design) 2 Years
49) MBA Health Care Management 2 Years
50) MBA (Master in Business Administration) 2 Years
51) MBA Financial Management 2 Years
52) MBA Human Resource Management (HR) 2 Years
53) MBA Marketing Management 2 Years
54) M.Sc Microbiology 2 Years
55) M.Sc Physics 2 Years
56) MBA Business Analytics 2 Years
57) M.Sc Biotechnology 2 Years
58) M.Tech in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology 2 Years
59) LLM Criminal & Security Law 2 Years
60) M.Tech Construction Technology and Management 2 Years
61) LLM Corporate Law 1 Years
62) MBA International Finance 2 Years
63) M.Sc Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) 2 Years
64) M.Sc Analytical Chemistry 2 Years
65) M.Tech Defence Technology 2 Years
66) M.Tech Electrical Power System Management 2 Years
67) M.Tech Environmental Science and Engineering 2 Years
68) M.Tech Transportation Engineering 2 Years
69) D.Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy) 2 Years
70) Diploma (Polytechnic) 3 Year
71) B.VoC (Bachelor in Vocational Studies) 3 Years

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