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A picture of the Prince & Princess of Wales with eminent citizens of Oudh at the Foundation Ceremony of the college.

Welcome to King George's Medical University, Lucknow

In 1870 the Maharaja of Vijanagaram first floated the idea of starting a Medical College in Lucknow. But the idea was watered down due to paucity of funds. In 1905 the visit of King-Emperor, George V, then Prince of Wales, inspired the idea of establishing a college to commemorate the occasion. The originator of this fine ideal to commemorate the occasion was late Raja Sir Tassadnq Rasul Khan of Jehangirabad to whom Sir Harcourt Butler wrote on 1st December 1905. "It must ever be a source of pride to you to think that the first suggestion of such a movement came from you absolutely spontaneously."

On 22nd March 1906, the Secretary to Govt. U.P. wrote to the Registrar, Allahabad University "It is the desire of subscribers to the Foundation of King George's Medical College that this College should be the best in the East and it will be aim of Government that the College shall give to its students the best education possible." The project was warmly taken up by all and the Taluqdars and Zamindars of Agra and Oudh gave princely donations. Sir Harcourt Butler himself was largely responsible for rapid maturation of the scheme by the energy in collecting subscriptions and by his talents in organisation.

The success of this great project of medical education and relief was already assured when the foundation stone was laid by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales in 1906, and during his second visit for the Coronation Durbar as King Emperor, His Majesty was pleased to give his consent and to designate the College by his name.The College was completed and the work of the first medical session was started in October 1911, though the ceremonial opening of the college building by His Honour Sir John Prescot Hewett did not occur until January 27, 1912. The College buildings consisted of a fine Administrative Block, an Anatomical block, a combined Pathological and Physiological block and a Medico-Legal Department. As soon as the College was completed the construction of the Hospital itself was commenced. The work for Out-patient Department was finished by. April 1913 and the main-building a few months later.
The number of beds provided was 232 and besides the main Hospital block there were an Isolation Block and separated Cottage wards. The formal opening of King George's Hospital with the opening of the New Bridge over the river Gomti River opposite the Hospital was performed in January 1914 by His Excellency the Viceroy Lord Hardinge; the Bridge took the place of an ancient bridge built by King Asaf-ud-Daulah in 1780 and which was only demolished as late as 1911-12.
The architect of the buildings was Sir Swinton Jacob and the features were
designed in the Indo-Saracenic style to be in keeping with ancient and royal buildings of this capital of Oudh and with the Imambara or Tomb of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah, which stands immediately besides the College and which dates from 1784.
The total cost of the Hospital and College building was about 30 lakhs of rupees; the Local Government was indebted to the Government of India for a contribution of 10 lakhs towards the cost. The staff of the College and Hospital began with an irreducible minimum of members, and schemes for expansion were being considered from the start, when the Great War supervened.
The first batch of students qualified in 1916, and these also and the next few succeeding batches were for the most part absorbed by military requirement, and only after 1920 could the College be said to be gradually returning to its normal and progressive condition.
A change took place in the control of the Medical College and Hospital in 1921 when these institutions were transferred to the new Lucknow University and ceased to be directly under the Government of the United Provinces. Hither-to the College had been affiliated to the Allahabad University.
For the first time in 1922 the degrees granted to the successful students was the M.B.B.S. Lucknow instead of the M.B.B.S. Allahabad, as hitherto.


- Padma Vibhushan Awards

- Padma Bhushan Awards

- Padma Shri Awards

- B C Roy Awards

- Gallantry Awards


Address Shah Mina Road, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003
Affiliated to NAAC; King Georges Medical University,Lucknow
Approved By DCI, MCI, UGC, INC, NIRF
Exam Accepted NEET UG & NEET PG
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For Boys + Girls (Co-ed)
Type Govt
Hostel Yes


Course Intake Duration Fee
1) Medical (MBBS) 2504.5 Yr + 1Yr5,460/YR
2) B.Sc Nursing 4 Year
3) BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) 704 Yr + 1 Yr
4) MD Anaesthesiology 423 Years
5) MD Microbiology 153 Year
6) MD Anatomy 113 Years
7) MD Obstetrics & Gynecology 303 Year
8) MS Anatomy 113 Years
9) MS ENT 53 Years
10) MS General Surgery 153 Years
11) MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology 303 Years
12) MS Ophthalmology 83 Years
13) MS Orthopaedics 163 Years
14) MD Biochemistry 23 Years
15) MD Community Medicine 103 Years
16) MD Immuno Haematology and Blood Transfusion 33 Years
17) MD Pathology 143 Years
18) MD Forensic Medicine 13 Year
19) MD General Medicine 153 Years
20) MD Paediatrics 263 Years
21) MD Pharmacology 163 Years
22) MD Physiology 183 Years
23) MD Psychiatry 123 Year
24) MD Radio Therapy 63 Years
25) MD Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases 83 Years
26) MHA (Master of Hospital Administration) 602 Years
27) MDS Prosthodontics 43 Years
28) MDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (Dentistry) 43 Years
29) M.Ch Neuro Surgery 83 Year
30) M.Ch Urology 63 Year
31) MD Hospital Administration 23 Years
32) MDS Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (Dentistry) 43 Years
33) MDS Conservative Dentistry 53 Years
34) MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) 703 Years
35) M.Ch Paediatric Surgery 22 Years
36) M.Ch Plastic Surgery 43 Years
37) MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 43 Years
38) MD Ophthalmology 83 Years
39) M.Ch Surgical Gastroenterology / G.I. Surgery 33 Years
40) M.Ch Surgical Oncology 33 Years
41) M.Ch Thoracic Surgery / Cardio Thoracic Surgery / Cardio 23 Years
42) MDS Oral Medicine 33 Years
43) M.Ch Endocrine Surgery 23 Years
44) MD Radio Diagnostic 93 Years
45) DM Cardiology 83 Year
46) DM Neurology 83 Year
47) DM Pulmonary Medicine 23 Years
48) DM Rheumatology / Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology 53 Years
49) Ph.D Agricultural Engineering 43-5 Yr
50) Diploma in Clinical Pathology (DCP) 52 Years
51) Diploma in CT Scan Technology 2 Years
52) Diploma in Emergency and First Aid 1 Years
53) Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) 2 Years
54) Diploma in MRI Technology 3 Months
55) Diploma in X-Ray Technician 2 Years
56) Diploma in OT Assistant 2 Years
57) Diploma in Anaesthesia Technician 52 Years
58) Diploma in Child Health (DCH) 52 Years
59) Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (DGO) 92 Years
60) Diploma in Ophthalmology 62 Years
61) Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology 2 Years
62) Diploma in Public Health (DPH) 1 Years
63) Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT) 3 Years
64) Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases (DTCD) 2 Years
65) Diploma in Medical Radio-Diagnosis 42 Years
66) Diploma in Hygiene & Sanitation 1 Year
67) Diploma in Radio Therapy 2 Years
68) Diploma in Optometry (D.OPT) 3 Year

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